TDJ (Terrain de Jeux), Geneviève’s second musical endeavour, is born from her affiance to the nightlife - navigating between the raves and clubs of Montreal while transgressing to adult independence. When releasing her first album as RYAN Playground '16/17' in 2018, Geneviève felt the need to deepen her interest in dance music and get to grips with her need for musical diversity. Similar to how she shapes RYAN Playground's music around early Pop/Punk childhood memories, Geneviève seeks TDJ’s inspiration from her youngest memories of Electronic dance music, expressed as a modern reinterpretation of classic Trance patterns and sonorities.  



møziz is a Montreal-based artist / DJ originating from the Ivory Coast. The plurality of settings, cultures, and personalities even within his family unit broadened the young artist’s perspective and left an undeniable imprint that can be felt through his work. Early work in the fashion industry and then as a creative, working to bridge the gap with Montreal’s youth and brands to work in a non-exploitive method have turned møziz into a young, resourceful individual. An auto-didact, he self-taught himself music production at the age of 17 and has not looked back.



Yehno started making electronic music at the age of 12. He studied Recording Arts in NSCC in Nova Scotia and worked with a number of critically acclaimed musicians over the years and “yehno” is his first solo venture. It’s going back to sounds, colors, and sensations from some very formative years - A look back with a fondness for those years. It’s a faded and obscured nostalgia. It’s imperfect; an attempt at capturing a time, a place, and a feeling from memory. The hope is to connect with people again, after many years spent on festival stages and the physical distances between people. The goal is to not focus on what's perfect, or what “will work.” But on what makes him happy; and how he can better express what's going on in his head and heart.